Activewear and Athleisure form mutually inclusive categories used to describe lifestyle products that can be functional and fashionable- an apt fusion between active performance wear and trendy clothing. Growing health awareness, increasing disposable income, and a surge in female participation in sports are the major factors driving the world sports apparel market's growth. Stitch-less joining or hybrid joining (sewing + stitch-less) of fabrics is a recent trend in performance sports/Activewear/Athleisure apparel and provides better functional and aesthetic appeal. Bonding generates a clean flat seam appearance. However, the process of manufacturing a bonded seam is slow (five to nine times slower in comparison to sewing). This opens scope for research and development in improved stitch-less construction methods, thereby creating possibilities for innovative product development in the Athleisure market.

NFDI-Activewear and Athleisure Incubator acts as a ground for the germination of ideas and bringing innovative ideas to a commercial platform by springing them to the world market. This Incubator explores newer aesthetic appearance, innovative applications, and differentiating detail, thereby completely tapping a different market segment.