An incubation environment provides healthy interaction with stakeholders, relevant and thoughtful mentoring, individual hand holding and coaching where required, and a sound knowledge base to anchor a young business taking wing, providing proof of concept and overcoming limitations of resources. This may involve intervention at multiple levels- ranging from concept development to the fine honing of business strategy. The incubation services offered by NIFT Foundation for Design Innovation (NFDI) pertains to the areas of strength of NIFT, where new innovations are emerging, and to the types of services and hand holding that are relevant to such domains. NFDI has been registered as Section 8 Company issued by the Registrar of Companies. The four incubators of NFDI are set up to provide a menu of services in the domains of Home & Spaces, Fashion & Lifestyle accessories, Smart Wearable Systems and Apparel including Athleisure and Activewear. NFDI provides access to infrastructure, specific services and collaboration opportunities relevant to business development, to potential entrepreneurs. The facilitation includes pre-incubation, incubation and accelerator services, covering viable product development, product validation and product commercialisation.


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