Facilitating the Prototype development or sampling process with its rich resources and knowledge-base on product development process, specific to the fashion and lifestyle industry, NFDI provides hand- holding in prototype development, with respect to domestic/international markets. The areas of intervention are:

  • Dissemination of knowledge in the sampling and prototyping requirements for specific markets.
  • Enabling comprehensive Market study, Design development, Trend analysis and Range planning packages.
  • Ease of quick iterations and ability to come up with options to refine the concepts at early stage for effective decision making.
  • Defining methodologies for sampling with optimum use of resources.
  • Identification of sourcing clusters for material procurement.
  • Developing skills required for effective sourcing of materials.
  • Opportunity and platform for collaborative development and planning.
  • Providing co working spaces through the lab and studio facilities, the database on sourcing material, trend analysis, the supporting student projects and research and connect with established design studios.