Smart wearable systems (SWS) pertaining to textiles, can be considered to be an ensemble of smart materials (phase change material/ shape memory polymer/ conductive textiles/etc.) consisting of sensors/actuators/connectivity or all of these, in a continuously evolving field of fashion, health, and social connect. The global smart wearable market was valued at USD 8.312 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 35.36 billion by 2023. However, it is at a very nascent stage in India, especially the Textile specific sector of SWS. It can be considered as the amalgamation of clothtech, medtech, protech, and sportech, either wearable or applied as a patch. The SWS is aimed to monitor and track essential bio-vitals of body, mind, activity, sleep, diet, medical, and more. NFDI Smart Wearable Systems Incubator acts as a ground for the germination of ideas and bringing innovative concepts to a commercial platform by springing them to the world market. This Incubator explores newer aesthetic appearance, innovative applications, and differentiating detail, thereby tapping a different market segment. Currently, the focus area for developments in the SWS sector is tilted towards technology and functionality. Aesthetics and comfort will fuel the next wave of developments, and that is where Smart Wearable Systems Incubator plays a game-changing role in bringing the design + technology + marketing talent together under one roof to deliver the next-generation products and solutions.

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